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Liability Coverage

You can get high-quality liability only car insurance. Find out how affordable your policy can be and how much coverage you can get with a quote from Glacier Insurance. Learn More

Collision Coverage

If you get in an accident and your car gets damaged by another object or vehicle, collision coverage helps pay for the damages to your vehicle. Learn More

Comprehensive Coverage

If your vehicle gets stolen or damaged in something other than a collision, comprehensive coverage helps pay for replacement or repair. Learn More

High-Risk Coverage

If an insurance company think you are at a higher-than-normal risk for getting in an accident, you may have to get high-risk coverage. Learn More

SR 22

SR 22 refers to a form you may need to fill out that is used to prove you have car insurance. They’re typically required for people who are considered “high-risk” drivers. Learn More

Full Coverage

The term “full coverage” refers to a combination of several different types of coverage that can take care of you in a variety of situations. Learn More

Glacier Auto Insurance Policies

We’ve been around the block

Glacier Auto has been writing auto insurance policies for 50+ years. We understand that getting insurance is an obstacle for some, which is why we lead with our values. Hassle-free quotes, affordable, flexible payments, and reliable service—that’s how we do business.

Glacier Auto Insurance No Credit Score

Don’t let bad credit stand between you and insurance

If your credit is less-than-perfect, many auto insurance companies will make you pay more for insurance. We don’t think that’s fair.

Glacier Auto Affordable Insurance

Auto insurance that doesn’t break the bank

Get affordable car insurance that gives you all you need to feel safe, secure—and legal—while driving. How? We don’t use to your credit score to jack up your premium and have several down payment options and payment plans. Simple as that.


Take advantage of knowing exactly what’s in your coverage with our easy-to-understand policies. We just want you to be insured so you can be on the road safely and legally.

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